Perimenosoar Webinar


As a woman, let me help you understand how your body is changing as you enter mid-life and give you the tools to best guide your nutrition to better manage hot flushes, belly fat gain, get stronger and more functional and improve brain function as you navigate perimenopause - the most opportune time for lifestyle intervention!



After 40, it felt like your body failed you, with no warning. Your body is changing, you can't seem to budge the upward gravitating belly fat, your periods aren't clockwork anymore, your sugar cravings (and moods) are off the charts, you're hot at strange times and not thinking clearly. Despite increasing your exercise and pulling out even more calories (maybe even trying intermittent fasting!), your hard efforts have not been justified by the lack of results you got. Worst of all, you feel like a complete failure and you might have even been dismissed by medical professionals because you're just "not old enough" to be going through menopause. Welcome to perimenopause...the sh*t show rollercoaster that could last up to 10 years PRIOR to menopause that no-one told you about!

Learn how to nutritionally support the menopause transition to perimenosoar! 


The Perimenosoar Webinar

An evidence-based approach to helping you as an active female in your 40's understand, navigate and nutritionally support the changes associated with ageing to not just survive, but thrive in mid-life!  

A FREE live webinar to help you navigate and support yourself nutritionally, physically and emotionally through this transition.

Expect to be empowered with the tools and confidence to make meaningful, practical changes to your lifestyle to see yourself soar through perimenopause. 

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Amber Young

"Thank you so much for teaching me such valuable information! Ange is professional, supportive, and knowledgeable, providing evidence-based information in a manner that is easy to digest and implement. Feeling confident and empowered, particularly as an active female over 40, it's incredibly important to me and this has uplifted and inspired me. I am so grateful I did this!"

Catherine McDougall

What I loved is that Ange gives you the building blocks to succeed. It is not a fad, there was no guilt. It was all about science - understanding the principles of how to balance your diet with exercise routine and changes in our physiology - and how to make great, nutritious choices everyday, finding joy in movement and being active and still enjoying the treats! Ange is such an energetic and inspiring leader in this space and I thoroughly recommend this!" 



  • Perimenopause Physiology 
  • Common Symptoms
  • Peri-Plate Nutrition Principles
  • Peri-Supplements
  • Reduce Bloating 
  • Brain Optimisation
  • Fat Loss and Muscle Retention
  • Managing Stress & Supporting  Hormones

Hi, I'm Angelique Clark

I’m Australia's Perimenopause Dietitian, Advanced Physique Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist with 2 decades of experience in figure transformation, founder and owner of Nutrition to Soar, author of the Perimenopause Playbook and online course creator of Finding your Wings

I have helped thousands of women transform not only their waistline but also their relationship with food when they understand their bodies and nourish a high performing midlife.

Over my years of Dietetic practice, I noticed that women's bodies responded differently as the edged 40. This drove my determination to research, educate and understand specific ways to help cushion the hormonal change of perimenopause, not just to fit into jeans better, but to set up functionality, independence and higher brain performance as we age.

My biggest asset is to empower you with the practical tools I have learn over my years of practice to better help your own life with results-driven evidence-informed practical ways to take control of your behaviours to lead the high performing lifestyle you deserve. Because life is too short to perimenoPAUSE, it's time to perimenoSOAR

Ready to perimenosoar?

Join me for this evidenced-based webinar to help you navigate and support yourself nutritionally, physically and emotionally through this transition.