PERIMENOPAUSE DIETITIAN, Advanced PHYSIQUE SPORTS Dietitian, nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist

Helping females in their forties reclaim their bodies, support their hormones and nourish a high performing midlife.


PERIMENOPAUSE DIETITIAN, Advanced PHYSIQUE Sports Dietitian NUTRITIONIST and Exercise Physiologist

Helping females in their forties reclaim their bodies, support their hormones and nourish a high performing midlife.


"I am here to change the culture to perimenosoar, on a mission to pause ONLY the meno’pot’ and work with your nutrition to see you peri-perform instead!"

A 4-week menu designed for the busy perimenopausal woman complete with weekly grocery lists and 40 scientifically designed accompanying peri-plate recipes!



to soar through perimenopause


Nutrition to Soar n=1:1 Coaching

Personal Coaching

A bespoke journey entirely focused on you (n) being the star of your own experiment. Highly individualised performance coaching encompassing clinical and lifestyle aspects of achieving body and mind transformation and the last "diet" you will ever need to set you up for life. 

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Womens Wellness (Re)Treat

22nd August ‚Äst25th August 2024

An immersive experience, designed to have an educational focus as well as to give you time to slow down, unwind and restore your energy.

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Finding Your

12 Weeks Group Coaching

My signature online group course with 12 weeks of transformational coaching to support the perimenopausal woman through understanding her hormones and the scientific principles of perimenopausal nutrition to ensure lasting results. 

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Instant Access Webinars

Female Nutrition Education

Choose your own adventure by accessing one of the many evidence-based, practical nutrition webinars and masterclasses available instantly as a playback from the live event with resources for you to implement now!

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Hi, I'm Angelique Clark

I’m Australia's Perimenopausal Dietitian, Advanced Physique Sports Dietitian, Performance Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist. I'm also a busy active Mum over 40 that loves to nourish her family and her soul to get more enjoyment from the second half of my life, than the first.  

I have been immersed in the fitness and nutrition space for over 20 years on a mission to un-complicate nutrition, help women finally understand and reconnect with their bodies, give you permission to eat and to put evidence-informed professionalism back into how to do it, to lead a high performing midlife.

It's my privilege to show you that all you need is a change in altitude to discover how to perimenosoar!


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"Throughout the Nutrition to Soar Program I was supported, educated (I love understanding the science and research out there!), encouraged and provided with the tools and accountability for me to succeed. I finally felt like I found someone who really understood how unpleasant I was feeling and that I shouldn't have to 'just deal.'"


Perimenopause Nutrition Guide

Discover the scientific principles behind how to successfully nourish your perimenopausal journey. Download the Peri Playbook Preview and get access to:

  • Peri-Plate Foundations
  • Midlife Macro Breakdown
  • Micronutrients of Importance
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • 3 Peri-Performance Recipes

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