A 4-week menu designed for the busy perimenopausal woman complete with weekly grocery lists and 40 scientifically designed accompanying peri-plate recipes!


Let me guess.... 

You woke up one day in your 40's wondering why...

  • Your waistline expanded seemingly overnight
  • You lack focus, you can't think quick, and you're forgetting really simple things
  • You tried fasting and cutting carbs and you PUT ON weight!
  • You can't sleep and feel fatigued and hungry 
  • You lack energy and can't seem to hit another gear with exercise
  • You dread thinking about food and you're totally confused about what to eat 
  • You cannot figure out why your body feels completely foreign to you but you don't have time because you can't fit it on the 'to do' list!

Eating in midlife can be delicious, pleasurable, and STILL help you reduce your waistline and improve your long-term quality of life

When you start to create your peri-plate, midlife magic starts to happen.

Placing priority on yourself is a little harder to achieve in midlife with mounting responsibilities and commitments, it can often feel like you're the last one to be fed. Whilst it's tempting to rely on Uber eats or YouFoodz every now and then, unfortunately these have no regard for your personal needs and often require readjustment to hit peri-plate perfection. 

The Peri-Menu Plan is the Mary Poppins you need to transform your peri-performance kitchen so you can fall in love with food, reclaim your body and nourish the high performing life you're meant to lead. 



"Gaining the knowledge of what foods will have the greatest benefit for me...

at this stage of my life is one thing, but pulling them together into simple, tasteful, and joyful meals is a skillset I don't have. Having Ange in your corner to take the stress out of meal planning is a God-send!"


"Satisfying, simple, tasty, eye-catchingly colourful, I feel like I'm eating the rainbow! 

The Peri Menu Plan recipes are easily adaptable to suit preferences and have so much variety in a perfect combination to fuel our peri-everyday needs."



My signature Peri-Menu Plan takes all the stress and thought away from every meal for a whole month…

Imagine going from frustrated, fatigued, and fighting fat gain… to an empowered woman falling in love with her body, waking up with energy to fuel your busy day, and reclaiming your mental focus and clarity.

All the guesswork is taken off your cognitive load, so you don’t have to think about what to eat for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner for the entire month and it’s all following my signature midlife macros.

Two editions to choose from



The Peri Menu Plan is designed to help you...

Drop Belly Fat

Reclaim your waist, reduce the bloat and ditch the detrimental visceral abdominal fat to reduce disease risk. 

Fire Up Focus

To get your brain functioning at high speed, regain your focus and memory and enhance your cognition. 

Boost Energy

So you want to move with ease, stay functional with less pain and retain your lean muscle mass, strength and power. 


Hi, I'm Angelique Clark

I’m Australia's Leading Perimenopause Dietitian and Female Forties Fat Loss Expert. I'm also a busy active Mum over 40 that loves to nourish her family and get the most out of life, to continue to enjoy it fully! 

I have been transforming women's figures and lives for over 20 years on a mission to un-complicate nutrition, help women understand and reconnect with their bodies, give you permission to eat and to put evidence-informed professionalism back into how to do it, to lead the high performing midlife you deserve.

How it works 

The Science behind the Peri Menu Plan 


Protein Pulsed 

Females over 40 need more protein than the current recommended guidelines at regular intervals over the day. The quality of protein is essential to provide the necessary amino acids to attenuate muscle loss, help anabolic resistance associated with aging and to increase metabolism, functionality and satiation. 


Fiber Fuelled

A rich variety of high fibre foods is integral to gut functionality, reducing bloat, building immunity, absorbing nutrients and to provide more energy to fuel a busy midlife. As hormones undulate in perimenopause, the gut barrier is compromised and needs more attention to improve mood, control appetite, minimise insulin resistance and enhance brain function.   


Fighting Fats 

Certain fats are important to maximise in midlife to help reduce inflammation, aches and pains and enhance brain function. Hormones and vitamins are also supported with adequate essential fatty acid intake necessary to obtain from the diet. The right fats help fight cholesterol and protect from heart disease risk in midlife women. 

"All the recipes she’s developed (so darn creative!), all of which take out the guesswork for me and support my daily nutrition needs and goals.

They’re so bloody delicious many have become weekly staples for the whole family. No tracking of macros/calories. No cutting out entire food groups. No restrictive eating"


"As a big foodie, I’ve never felt deprived. I’ve absolutely loved following the peri-menu plan.

If you’re sick of yo-yo dieting, following the latest diet fads, confused by all the nutrition advice dished out on social media by “influencers” with no professional education. Ange will cut through all that BS for you. She’s an expert in her field and I can’t recommend her highly enough."


What makes the Peri Menu Plan so different from all the others out there!?

Other Menu Plans

  • Aren't designed by a qualified Dietitian using nutrition science for the midlife woman. 
  • Are completely different in energy and macronutrient amounts so inconsistent in energy intake. 
  • Are either only focused on flavour at a disregard for total energy or only focused on weight loss so become too bland and boring. 
  • Too low in calories and leave you feeling incredibly fatigued and HANGRY... encouraging binging.
  • Don't consider if you exercise or not!
  • Leave out entire food groups and reduces food variety. 
  • Have obscure ingredients that you never use all of!
  • Have your entire family hating the process when you go 'on a diet' with boring food and social isolation.

The Peri Menu Plan

  • Uses the latest available evidence and applies this to all recipes designed specifically for females 40+.
  • All meals are calorie portioned and interchangeable whilst following the correct macro's but also very high in micronutrient availability and seasonal. 
  • Recipes are simple make with easy access ingredients and delicious while being low in energy for sustainable fat loss but high in nutritional value and satiation. 
  • Is a fabulous base for any female 40+ but also includes bonus training nutrition and snack guides to increased your energy availability and support fuelling your movement if you're an active perimenopausal woman. 
  • Includes ALL food groups as these are all necessary for optimal health with substitutions for gluten and dairy if required. 
  • Will have your entire family drooling over your creations (PS you're allowed to share if you like!) 

What's Included:


Up to 40 Scientifically Designed Peri-Plate Recipes

I have taken the midlife macro's and applied them to create delicious, simple and satisfying meals in your very own peri-performance kitchen with ease so never have to count calories again! All meals have accurate macronutrient analysis to ensure you hit your peri-targets as well as substitutions for gluten or dairy-free.


A 4-week Menu Plan + Weekly Grocery Lists

Save time and mental load and gain energy by following your peri-menu plan month! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 4 entire weeks with a corresponding shopping list so all you need to do is follow the plan, order your groceries online or stick to the list and have it done in a jiffy! Each week details which ingredients carry over so you end up with ZERO food wastage without flavour fatigue!


The Perimenosoar Playbook

My signature 30-page midlife bible that gives you not only the nutrition science behind how to successfully navigate your perimenopausal journey but also the why behind how your body is changing and how to support your midlife transition. Discover my unique peri-nutrition principles to ensure you minimise symptoms, improve mood and cognition, attenuate muscle loss and reduce belly fat. 


Peri-Snack Guide

Wondering what to eat in-between your peri-plate meals? I've got you covered with the peri-snack guide! Nutritious snacks that are convenient, tasty and satisfying to top you up and tie you over until your next meal. 

Peri-Training Nutrition Guide

Active peri-ladies, this is the perfect compliment to your training efforts.  Fuel your training sessions to maximise your results and see your performance soar. 

"Ange has done all the hard work - that daily chore of thinking what to cook has been well and truly sorted.

Her recipes are so creative - they include all those ingredients we know we should be having but don't know what to do with. Simple and quick, tasty whilst ticking the perimenopause box. They bring the fun back into the kitchen, save you time and eating the same boring things on repeat. Highly recommend."

"Ange’s recipes are not only delicious but you can be assured they are nutritionally balanced and include all her researched and recommended perimenopausal ingredients.

I like that they are easy to prepare and cook, don’t involve 100+ ingredients for each meal and are family friendly. It truely takes the guesswork out of having to think about preparing tasty and healthy meals! She offers a variety of meal and protein options so boring and flavourless meals are a thing of the past. She is truely is the expert of perimenopausal nutrition for women."


With The Peri Menu Plan you will be able to: 

  • Stop food wastage, in fact, you’ll SAVE money!
  • Create simple meals that are easy to prepare and utterly delicious that the whole family will be drooling over
  • Reduce your bloat and improve digestion
  • Have more energy than you’ll know what to do with
  • Improve mood
  • STOP tracking macro’s or logging calories
  • STOP cutting out whole food groups
  • Reduce your waistline



The Peri Menu Plan


  • 4 Week Perimenopause Meal Plan - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Monday to Sunday for 4 weeks
  • Up to 40* Recipes - with full macronutrient analysis and scientifically designed from my perimenopause nutrition principles with gluten-free and dairy-free adjustments if necessary (*Summer Ed. contains 33 recipes, Spring Ed. contains 40 recipes)
  • 4 x Weekly Shopping Lists
  • BONUS Perimenosoar Playbook - my signature 30-page evidence-based perimenopause nutrition and lifestyle bible
  • BONUS Peri-Snack Guide
  • BONUS Peri-Performance Exercise Nutrition Guide

Happiness Guarantee

I’m SO CONFIDENT you will tick every single one of these benefits by following my signature Peri-Menu Plan for the entire month that if you don’t, I’ll GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.

Got questions?