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I’m Angelique Clark. I’m a Women’s Performance Nutritionist, Advanced Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist.

I am a Franco-Australien from Brisbane Australia married to a fellow health and performance enthusiast Jason Clark (of Perform 360) and a Mum to 2 junior athletes in construction!


I have been immersed in the fitness space for over 20 years on a mission to uncomplicate nutrition, give women permission to eat and to put evidence-informed professionalism back into how to do it, to lead the high performing lifestyle you deserve.

I am a highly experienced nationally recognised and accredited practitioner. Over the last 15 years I have worked extensively with elite fitness and figure athletes and strength and weight category competitors as well as fitness centres and celebrities for transformation campaigns.



I specialise in understanding the difference in female physiology and prescribing nutrition to specifically support your training passion for sustainable body re-composition, maximising performance and honouring women’s health through the different stages of hormonal change.


- Advanced Accredited Sports Dietitian (ASD)

- Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist (APD)

- Exercise Physiologist (ESSA)


  • 2004 Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Fitness Instructor
  • 2005 Bachelor of Human Movement Studies [Exercise Science with Honors]
  • 2009 Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics [Public Health with Honors]
  • 2009 lnternational Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) Level 1 Anthropometrist
  • 2010 Sports Dietitians Australia Sports Nutrition Course
  • 2013 International Olympic Committee Diploma in Elite Sports Nutrition
  • 2020 Dr Stacy Sims Nutrition Certification in Female Sports Physiology

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