The Female 40's Fat Loss Webinar


Learn how to lose fat the scientific and safe way from the female lens and regain your zest for life after 40 in the process!

As a female over 40 chasing fat loss, let me show you the evidence of why eat less and train more isn’t compatible with your changing physiology so you can reign in your expanding waistline, regain the energy to move without chronic pain, perform in life with vibrancy and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases associated with the middle-age spread.


Despite what the fitness and diet industries have told you…

It’s not JUST about “calorie deficit”. Once you tip 40 as a woman your physiology changes, your female hormones start to undulate on their decline, your gut microbiome is dictating digestion, how you deal with stress and your mood, and your energy seems to be lacking despite eating really well and hitting the gym.

Let me take you from feeling flat and fat to nourished and empowered by setting up your fat-loss success and SO MUCH MORE!

Join me as we chew the fat on fat-loss for forties females!


What this isn't... is another way to “diet”, cut out major food groups, fast for long periods of time or lose 5kg in 1 week, so please don’t expect me to dish up a magical unicorn of false promises... the fitness and diet industries have already done this to you over many years on countless occasions.

What you CAN expect to achieve from this Webinar is the evidence around why women over 40 need different nutrition and exercise interventions for visceral fat loss, specifically what that is and how it’s different to subcutaneous fat loss (which is what everyone else talks about!), better measures of success that doesn’t just revolve around scales and the hard lifestyle truths that have kept you repeating the same cycle of diet destruction for years.



  • Female physiology after 40
  • Managing the meno-pot
  • The expanded energy balance equation
  • Scientific fat loss principles
  • Midlife Macro's
  • The best diet for sustainable fat loss
  • The best exercise for females 40+
  • Why 'weight' deceives your progress
  • Getting rid of fat for good
  • Exclusive attendee BONUS!

You don’t get to pass go on your way to fat loss unless… you can

  • Find your intention behind why you want to lose weight and link it to a core value
  • Get your gut health restored and thriving by fibre fuelling
  • Mitigate muscle and bone loss by protein pulsing
  • Change your relationship with carbohydrate to minimise insulin resistance
  • Prioritise rest, unapologetically
  • Manage stress and tame your sympathetic nervous system
  • Eat enough to support basic human functioning plus your movement
  • Be consistent with the right type of exercise
  • Balance your omega 3:6 ratio to reduce inflammation and cholesterol
  • Block out the fitness and diet industry #BS
  • Trust the perimenopause nutrition principles process

Female 40’s Fat Loss Webinar will help you achieve all of these to set you up for fat loss success, and in the process help you learn to appreciate and take care of your body so you can perform at the highest level in life. Now isn’t that refreshing?

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Hi, I'm Ange Clark

I’m an Accredited Advanced Physique Sports, Exercise Physiologist and Australia's Leading Perimenopause Dietitian. I'm also know as the Female 40's Fat Loss Expert, having helped women sustainably lose fat for over 2 decades. I have extensive experience with figure sports and celebrity body transformation campaigns, and I understand the physiology and science behind what it takes to get lean at elite level.

Over the years the research hasn’t been able to identify why women in the 40’s and beyond don’t respond quite the same to fat loss and why our approach needs to be different… until now. Let me guide you to understand what underpins the physiology behind why your body isn’t losing weight like it used to despite your same interventions, and help you redirect what you need to do to ensure you continue to achieve fat loss as a female over 40 with the latest evidence combined with my extensive empathy for being able to apply this into the middle-aged woman’s life.

I am on a mission to empower women to transform not only their figure but also their relationship with food by understanding their bodies and fuelling appropriately to nourish a high performing midlife.


Here is your opportunity to access NEW emerging evidence, ditch outdated weight loss advice and to ‘chew the fat’ with me in my Female Forties Fat Loss Webinar!