Nutrition to Soar N=1:1 Coaching

Nutrition to soar is a bespoke 12-week journey entirely focused on you being the star of your own experiment where you will explore exactly what you need to nourish yourself from the position of compassion to complement your activity, lead a high performing lifestyle and embrace your best figure to date. It is also the last “diet” you will ever need.


Women’s wings have been clipped… unfortunately women have been underrepresented in exercise and nutrition science and a lot of evidence-based nutrition practice has been extrapolated from male subjects without consideration of the nuances of female physiology. We have also been paid a societal punishment being bombarded with images and unattainable ideals of thinness which has been mixed up in the idealization of what “health” should look like, at the expense of our self-worth (even at the very level of how we internally speak to ourselves about our bodies).


With my knowledge of women’s physiology, my extensive experience in physique management and passion for nurturing active women over 35 years, let me teach you how nutrition can help you not only fly but soar effortlessly! I am a master at creating a nutrition guide that can be applied to this time in your life, where blending all the responsibilities is all too real and nutrition needs to be there to support your wellbeing and ensure you are bringing your best self to your lifestyle.

If you are exhausted at the thought of starting “yet another diet”, your body is not responding to what you threw at it in your 20’s, your exercise is sending your results backwards, you are utterly confused in the supermarket or lost as to how this will integrate with your family then it’s time you sought a professional’s care and learnt the tools for sustainable change.

Are you ready to take flight?

Let Nutrition to Soar N=1 take your nutrition to heights you never imaged possible!

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