Harnessing your Menstrual Cycle & Periodising your Performance


As an active female in your reproductive years or a coach working with this population, you will not want to miss this DOUBLE webinar format with Advanced Sports Dietitian Ange Clark and Strength & Conditioning Professional Josh Atkins as they empower you with the knowledge to understand your unique female physiology, how sports nutrition can ensure the health of your hormones and the tools to maximise your training around your menstrual cycle. A night guaranteed to up-level your activity and empower your life performance!


We see you!...

The focused, high achieving female with a strong value on your health wanting to have more energy, get fitter, stronger and leaner but just can't seem to reach that threshold balance between health and general wellbeing, exercise performance and weight management.

Ever wondered why your food cravings arrive at 'that time of the month'?

Or why some weeks you feel like superwoman in the gym and other weeks you're walking down struggle street? 

Even been on the same diet as your male colleague, friend or partner and got dismal results? 

Unfortunately your good intentions have been misguided following the diet and fitness industry which has perpetuated the message of eat less, move more at complete disregard for your physiology as a women in her reproductive years having a dynamic landscape over the course of your menstrual cycle which sees you ebb and 'flo' differently depending on what your hormones are doing each day! 


Harnessing your Menstrual Cycle & Periodising your Performance Webinar

Learn how to understand your female physiology, harness your nutrition for a healthy menstrual cycle and maximise your performance around your period!


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An evidence-based approach with two industry professionals in an exclusive double webinar to help you as an active female in your reproductive years to understand, navigate and nutritionally support the changes associated with a fluctuating hormonal menstrual cycle and how to optimise your performance in life and exercise!

Expect to be empowered with the tools, language and confidence to make meaningful, practical changes to your lifestyle to honour your female body, eat to support hormone health and exercise with respect to your individual physiology and be comfortable expressing this to your support team. 




Session One

  • The Invisible Female Athlete
  • Understanding Hormones & The Menstrual Cycle
  • Cycle Monitoring & Period Red Flags
  • Energy Availability 
  • Eating for Hormonal Health 
  • Nutrition for Cycle Phases
  • Cycle Supplementation


Session Two

  • The Menstrual Cycle & its Effect on Performance 

  • Navigating Individual Symptoms of the Menstrual Cycle and Training
  • How To Communicate about your Cycle to your Health Professionals 

  • Designing Workouts Around your Cycle


Hi, I'm Angelique Clark

I’m an Accredited Advanced Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist with over 15 years of experience in physique transformation, founder and owner of the private practice Nutrition to Soar and online course creator of Finding your Wings

I have helped thousands of women transform not only their figure but also their relationship with food when they understand their bodies and fuel to nourish their activity and a high performing lifestyle.

Over my years of Dietetic practice working with active females, and being one myself I was fascinated with how to fuel and function as a female, little did I realise the key to this was understanding my physiology and learning to apply to nutrition and training. This drove my determination to seek answers, but the exercise and nutrition science literature fell short every time. When I realised that most of my nutrition and exercise prescription was being has been based on male subjects, I had to up-skill and educate myself to connect the dots about how women are different and so too should their nutrition and exercise be approached. 

My biggest asset is to empower you with the practical tools I have learn over my years of practice combined the the recent science has now provided for us by demanding women be given their own spotlight in science to better help your own body with results-driven evidence-informed practical ways to take understand your physiology, support your female menstrual cycle superpower and enhance your performance in exercise and life.

Hi, I'm Josh Atkins

I'm a Strength & Conditioning Coach and have worked in the industry since 2015. I'm the managing director of ATP Fitness. My passion for developing athletic movements and watching women excel, allowing them to express their true capabilities on the field and in the gym has led me to where I am today.

Serving in the Australian Army from 09-15, I was exposed to many strong women. Their hard-working attitudes, success at all cost mentalities, and determination had me inspired when in a heavily male-dominated organisation. Working and training alongside these fantastic women was one of the many reasons I wanted to be involved with women in sport when I transitioned into the industry in 2015. Since then, I've had many experiences coaching some incredible women. Most notably, my time with Queensland Cricket, assisting the Head S&C with the women's Brisbane Heat & QLD Fire and being the Head S&C for the Queensland Catholic Netball Association (QCNA) for the past five years. During this time, I have witnessed and am still to this day inspired at how uttley-driven women in sport are.

I hope to continue to help guide women in S&C and allow them to express their true capabilities on the field and in the gym.

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