It's time to let your wings out so you can finally soar. 

Let me guide your nutrition journey through a place of self-discovery, understanding and fundamental skills to equip you in learning how to sustainably fuel a high performing lifestyle. 



You've tried every diet under the sun and it's possibly worked (for the time you were on it), but it didn't leave you happier. Over time your body stopped working for you, you might have thought your willpower had waned and you started beating up on yourself for failing, yet again or maybe this time you gave it everything you had, trained twice as hard and reduced your intake by more, and your body STILL didn't come to the party after your justified efforts. Over the process you lost connection and trust with who you are chasing an ideal that might not even have been what you wanted or at the very least wasn't something you thought would be this difficult. Don't give up just yet. 

Imagine if... 

You learnt about your body, how it's meant to function as a female, embrace your unique changes as you age and the tools you need to nourish instead of starve your exercise, all in a environment lead by an industry professional who treats you as a whole person involved in the process?

  • Possess the tools to understand how to eat like women should, without flavour fatigue, having to number crunch or count calories again!

  • Understand your body and how it fluctuates as a female and the hormonal changes associated with ageing so you can be prepared and adapt accordingly

  • Consciously meet your inner mean girl, how she imprinted herself in your brain and how to challenge the thoughts, emotions and consequent actions that keep you stuck

  • Learn what it takes for safe, scientific, sustainable fat loss and the detrimental trade off when weight loss is your only focus

  • Know how to eat to feed your gut microbiome and the potential that serves with optimising your mental state

  • Live a high performing life!

Fuel Your Optimal Performance In A Way You Can Enjoy & Sustain!


Finding Your Wings

A 6-week online course designed for active women over 30 years to learn how to eat, think and create habits that will explode your performance in life. 



Female Physiology Foundations

Learn about your female body, understand how you are unique physically and unleash your superpowers.


Female Nutrition Foundations

Learn to set up a successful performance kitchen and nourish your body with these female nutrition foundations.


Self Sabotage & Emotional Eating

Learn the reasons you can hold yourself back and distinguish between the reasons we fall into food for comfort.


Fat Loss Science & Energy Balance Concepts

Learn the science behind how your body burns fat and the nuances of the energy balance equation to help sustainable results.


Alcohol & Effects on Female Physiology

Uncover how the body processes alcohol and the effects this has on the female in particular and how this impacts health.


Nutrition Psychiatry

How what you eat has a direct relationship to mental health and why gut health is so paramount to overall success.


Perimenopause & Menopause Nutrition

How to adjust your nutrition to best support your decline in hormones as you age. 


All The Tools You Need That Work With Your Body To Fuel A Better Life.

Learn how you can finally ditch the diets that aren't designed for you, understand how to embrace your female superpowers and unleash the potential a nourishing diet has beyond merely your figure. 


Hi, I'm Angelique Clark

I’m a Women’s Performance Nutritionist, Advanced Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist. I'm also a busy active Mum that loves to nourish her family. 

I have been immersed in the fitness space for over 20 years on a mission to uncomplicate nutrition, help women understand and reconnect with their bodies, give you permission to eat and to put evidence-informed professionalism back into how to do it, to lead the high performing lifestyle you deserve.

It's my privilege to show you there is freedom waiting for you beyond the breezes of the sky, you may have already fallen far too many times, let me help you find your wings before you can fly!  

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Ready to soar?