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Please note, as this is a group based presentation, this webinar will not be diagnostic in any way, it will merely provide the evidence-based changes to implement to support fat loss for the female over 40. It is recommended to work individually with a registered professional to ensure dietetic prescription is tailored to your individual circumstance under medical guidance. 

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Female 40's Fat Loss Webinar

Learn how to lose fat the scientific and safe way from the female lens and regain your zest for life after 40 in the process!

In this 2 Hour Webinar you will learn:

  • Fad diet & fitness industry fails
  • Managing the meno-pot
  • The expanded energy balance equation
  • Scientific fat loss principles
  • Why macro calculations are inaccurate
  • The best diet for fat loss
  • The best exercise for fat loss
  • Why 'weight' deceives your progress
  • Getting rid of fat for good
  • Exclusive Presale Finding your Wings Access
  • BONUS LIVE Q&A time

The Female 40’s Fat Loss Webinar will set you up for fat loss success, and in the process help you learn to appreciate and take care of your body so you can perform at the highest level in life. Now isn’t that refreshing?