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Please note, as this is a group based presentation, this webinar will not be diagnostic in any way, it will merely provide the evidence-based changes to implement to support eumenorrheic females and those that support these women at this life stage. It is recommended to work individually with a registered professional to ensure dietetic and exercise prescription is tailored to your individual circumstance under medical guidance. 

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Harnessing your Menstrual Cycle & Periodising your Performance Webinar

Learn how to understand your female physiology, harness your nutrition for a healthy menstrual cycle and maximise your performance around your period!

An evidence-based approach with two industry professionals in an exclusive double webinar evening to help you as an active female in your reproductive years to understand, navigate and nutritionally support the changes associated with a fluctuating hormonal menstrual cycle and how to optimise your performance in life and exercise!

Expect to be empowered with the tools, language and confidence to make meaningful, practical changes to your lifestyle to honour your female body, eat to support hormone health and exercise with respect to your individual physiology and be comfortable expressing this to your support team.